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Tiny Open House & Daily Giveaways

Little River Escape will have extended tour hours the weekend of May 17-19 for the Rhododendron Festival happening in Mentone, AL. Drop in to enter to win our daily giveaways before heading to Mentone for Rhodo Fest. Many local artists, food vendors, and live music going on Saturday and Sunday. If you miss it this year, don't worry, its an annual event. Mark your calendars for Color Fest coming up in October. 

Tiny House Financing Options Discussion

March 2, 2019
11-1 pm EST

Come join us for a discussion about the many ways people come up with the money to downsize to tiny. Seems crazy that it's so hard to make this transition so we'll talk about why, and how you can start a plan that makes sense for you.

Moving out of an apartment?
Selling a 4000 sqft house?
Just graduating from college and want stay mortgage free?

No matter what your starting point is, you'll need some cash to move into the house so we'll look at a few different angles and answer your questions. You'll walk out with at least one plan for transitioning to tiny.

When we're done, stick around for a hot dog and take a tour of our community. We have over 9 houses you can tour to get ideas and prioritize your plans.


Solved! Where to Buy a Tiny House

January 10, 2019

Learn the best places to purchase a downsized domicile and get the 411 on how to how to go about it.

A great thing about tiny house living is being among like-minded neighbors. So look for tiny house communities in the states friendliest to them.

Little River Escape, located near the Little River in Cloudland, Georgia, is one such community.

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6 Great Tiny House Communities

January 3, 2019

People are attracted to tiny living for different reasons. Find out what makes these communities flourish.

If the nomadic, portable life isn’t what intrigues you about the prospect of living in a tiny home, you may want to consider one of the tiny house communities throughout the U.S., which range from newly developed properties to well-established communities with long-term residents.

Little River Escape, Cloudland, Georgia

In the northwestern corner of Georgia, this gated community on Lookout Mountain is made up entirely of tiny houses.

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How much does a tiny home cost around Atlanta?

March 14, 2018

Tiny houses are all the rage in the Atlanta area. In fact, the third annual Georgia Tiny House Festival in early March was so big it had to be moved to the Atanta Motor Speedway. 

Throughout the area, enthusiasm for living small −and possibly even building your own tiny place − is in high gear.

The tiny house community of Little River Escape in Cloudland, Georgia, defines a tiny house as "a residential structure that is typically sized under 600 square feet."

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Tiny House Roadshow headed to Menlo, Ga.

May 18, 2017

The Tiny House Roadshow is coming to Menlo, Ga., atop Lookout Mountain Friday-Sunday, May 19-21. Show hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. CDT each day.

This event is a departure for Tiny House Roadshow as it will be held on location at Little River Escape, 11987 Highway 48. The 25 to 30 tiny houses and not-so-tiny houses will be displayed on wooded lots instead of in a trade-show format as most shows have been.

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Ed Watters’ Little River tiny homes to be featured during trade show

May 15, 2017
Ed Watters’ Little River Escape tiny home community is scheduled to host “The Tiny House Roadshow” crews Friday through Sunday.

The roadshow is a unique opportunity for folks to see the type of trade show activity that generally occurs inside huge arenas and civic center. 

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Floyd planners looking to establish local regulations as tiny-home movement gains traction

August 7, 2016
While Rome-Floyd County Planning officials try to sort out issues related to the growth of the tiny-home industry, Rome businessman Ed Watters’ Little River Escape tiny-home community on Lookout Mountain in Chattooga County is finally beginning to pick up momentum.

Watters revealed plans for his tiny-home community along the East Fork of the Little River in April 2015. More than a year later, six homes are planted firmly on lots in phase one of the development.

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Little River Escape tiny home retreat going up on Lookout Mountain

June 16, 2015
Rome businessman Ed Watters has had his hands in a lot of ventures through the years — and when there’s an opportunity to be near to nature, Watters generally finds himself all-in.

The latest venture for the owner of Watters and Associates Landscaping is Little River Escape, a tiny home development on Lookout Mountain. It’s an outgrowth of his position as the first Park Model Homes tiny home dealer in Northwest Georgia.

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