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A division of Suntrust Bank offering RV loans.

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(678) 932-3789

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Personal Financing:

Credit Union, Credit Card, Local Bank

Contact Sylvia Brophy for more info about financing through your credit card: (770) 262-7140

Owner Financing:

If you plan on living within the community, this is an option. Rates are based on credit score, credit history, and down payment amount.


"As a recent college graduate, I did not think owning my own home would be possible. Luckily, my dad taught me to save money and build credit. After a few days of talking to Marlene at my local Suntrust bank, I knew that my dreams could become a reality. She walked me through what I needed to do and the requirements to get a RV loan through LightStream. I was approved within 24 hours and had the money in my account the next day. Im not very patient so this was great to know answers right away and buy my first home a few weeks after graduating. I am happier than a bird with a french fry in my tiny home at Little River Escape."  

                                                                                                                     -Emmye Holbert

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